Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for AIC on Statistics Conferences emphasizes the following principles. All conference participants must treat each other with respect, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment free from discrimination or harassment based on any characteristic. Professionalism is paramount, requiring participants to uphold the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior, with strict prohibition of disruptive or offensive conduct. The conference promotes collaboration and networking, urging participants to engage in constructive dialogue, share knowledge, and build connections that positively contribute to the statistical community. Presenters are expected to adhere to allocated presentation times, ensuring effective scheduling and delivering content that is respectful, relevant to the conference theme, and free from offensive language or inappropriate visuals. Privacy is emphasized, with participants required to seek consent before capturing photographs, recordings, or sharing personal information, and any data collection must adhere to ethical standards. Compliance with local laws and regulations of the conference host African country is mandatory, with zero tolerance for illegal activities or behavior that violates local laws. Intellectual property rights must be respected, and proper attribution given when sharing or using others’ work, while plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Reporting violations is encouraged, and reports will be handled confidentially and addressed appropriately. Environmental responsibility is promoted, urging participants to minimize their environmental impact by reducing waste, using sustainable materials, and being mindful of energy consumption.Participants are expected to comply with specific conference policies outlined by the organizers, including registration requirements, session attendance, and adherence to the conference schedule. By participating in the African International Conference on Statistics, attendees acknowledge their commitment to upholding this code of conduct, and conference organizers reserve the right to take appropriate action in response to any violations, including warning, expulsion from the conference, or reporting to relevant authorities.

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